Community Room


Town Center Corte Madera makes its Community Room available as a convenience to our tenants and the local community for business and group meetings only.

The Community Room is located at 770 Tamalpais Drive, Suite 201, in the office building on the south end of the property. The room is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The office building is closed on Sundays. Pre-paid reservations can be made up to (3) months in advance on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Community Room accommodates approximately (80) people seated. (80) chairs and (8) tables are in the room to use as needed, however, room setup and breakdown are your responsibility. Please allow time at the end of your meeting to return the room to its original condition.

Use Fee $0.00 $125.00
Cleaning Fee $25.00 $25.00
Security Deposit $100.00 $100.00

IMPORTANT: Non-profit users must submit a valid 501(c) form or letter from the IRS to prove current non-profit organization status.

The security deposit should be issued as a separate check. Checks should be made payable to: 770 TAMALPAIS DRIVE, INC.

Non-profit groups who charge attendance fees may also be subject to a use fee.


Complete and return the “Application For Temporary Use” and “Hold Harmless Agreement.”

All payments must accompany your application and should be received at least two weeks in advance to be processed for approval. This applies to the booking of additional dates as well.

Please send your application via email to


Town Center Corte Madera reserves the right to cancel any engagement with a minimum of two (2) weeks notice. All payments will be refunded under these circumstances. We require 72 hours for all cancellations made by the group. Cancellations made after the 72 hours will result in loss of the usage and cleaning fee.


The following “Rules and Regulations” are part of the “Use Agreement” pertaining to the Town Center Corte Madera Community Room. Should you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact the Community Room Coordinator at: (415) 924-2961 or

1. All meetings shall be conducted during listed hours only.

2. Smoking is not permitted in the Community Room or within any area in or outside the office building. Smoking is only permitted in the parking lot.

3. No use of alcohol is permitted.

4. NOT ALLOWED: Plug-in kitchen appliances such as hot-plates, or open flame sternos used to keep food warm, or any open-flame equipment including candles.

Coffee makers or carafes are permitted if they have an electrical rating of less than 2,000 watts. Only one heat generating device, rated under 2,000 watts, (such as a coffee maker) can be plugged into any single outlet marked “A” or “B” in the room.

Electrical equipment, such as coffee pots and overhead projectors, are permitted. Please follow the attached “Electrical usage” information for specific instructions. The electrical wiring in the Community Room has been installed to accommodate up to 2 automatic coffee pots, in addition to other equipment such as overhead projectors.


IMPORTANT: Coffee pots require an excessive amount of electricity to function. Please follow these instructions carefully, or you will risk overloading the electrical system and you may experience disruption of electrical power!

When using 1 coffee pot, it should be plugged into an outlet labeled “A”. If you are planning to use 2 coffee pots, please plug one into an “A” outlet and the other into a “B” outlet. If both coffee pots are plugged into an “A” outlet, or both into a “B” outlet, you will overload the electrical system.

5. Please do not post any signs in the outdoor areas of the Center or within the office building, except directly on the door of the Community Room itself (Suite 201). No signage is allowed on easels/stands placed in the hallways, elevator lobbies, or any building common area.

DIRECTIONS: We suggest that you tell attendees to take the Paradise/Tamalpais Exit off Highway 101. Town Center is on the west side of the freeway. Turn right into the south entrance of the Center located on Tamalpais Drive. The office building will be directly in front of them, at the end of the courtyard, noted by glass awning with the address “770” above. Some groups have also chosen to place a group member at this entry way to direct guests to the second floor.

6. Any advertising of the event shall be at the discretion of Town Center Management.

7. Please inform your group to park in the perimeters of the parking lot during the hours of 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, so that we may leave ample space for shopping center customers.

8. Assembly is to be held inside the room to avoid congestion and noise in the hallway.

9. The use of the Community Room is limited to business and group meetings only. Parties, dances, therapy sessions, traffic schools, or the sale/trade of merchandise are not permitted.

10. If tickets or attendance fees are required, these financial transactions need to be handled prior to your engagement at Town Center.

11. Consumption of alcoholic beverages of any kind is strictly prohibited.

12. We ask that you do not attach anything to the walls in the Community Room. Please use easels or tabletops for any signs, charts, or presentation materials.

11. Please be advised that you may be held financially responsible for replacement or repair of any Community Room property which may have been damaged or stolen while the room was in your possession. Any props or equipment which you need for your meeting should be delivered and picked up the day of the meeting. Overnight storage is not available.

13. Neither Town Center nor its employees are responsible for lost or damaged articles.

14. Community Room users are responsible for both arranging the room to their specifications and returning it to its original condition. Please leave ample time before and after your meeting to so do.

15. Cooking is not permitted in the Room. However, light refreshments, such as coffee and finger food may be served.

16. The Community Room should be left reasonably clean in order for your security deposit to be returned. If you are expecting a large crowd and serving refreshments, please bring an extra garbage bag, as the room is not equipped to handle much refuse.

17. Due to extreme safety hazards and possible damage to our property, stepping onto the office building’s roof areas is strictly prohibited.

18. Although we discourage bringing small children in the room, should your group need to do so, they should be supervised by an adult at all times. Children should also be kept from roaming the hallways and playing in the elevators.

19. Please note that your engagement at Town Center is limited to the specific activity, dates and times which you list on your application form. Any deviations or changes need to be addressed with Town Center Management prior to your actual engagement.

20. Employees and contractors of Town Center reserve the right to access the room at any time in order to expedite urgent repairs not directly related to the current use of the room.

21. Any severe disturbances or unlawful activity created by your group will be directed to the appropriate local authorities.

22. Violations of any part of these “Rules and Regulations” may cause future denial of use in addition to forfeiture of deposit.



All other electrical equipment can be split between any “A” or “B” outlets.


If you anticipate any additional electrical needs, or if you have any questions regarding proper placement of electrical equipment, please do not hesitate to contact the Community Room Coordinator at (415) 924-2961 or and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the room have WiFi?

The community room does have WiFi available, but it is not reliable.

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions or concerns,  please call the Community Room Coordinator at (415) 924-2961 or email